Clubs YOU should try out!

Clubs YOU should try out!

Newspaper Boy, reporter

Do you have a knack for coding and want your skills to be put to the test? Wanted to elaborate on coding? Or you just wanted to try some new? Then look no further than joining Mrs. Acevado’s STEM Coding Team. Mrs. Acevado is currently looking for new recruits, and you can be one of them!

Naruto, My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball… What do all of these things have in common? They’re all anime! If you are interested in anime and want to hang out, watch, and talk about anime with peers who share your interest.. Join Ms. Diamond’s Anime club! Meetings are held in A15. 今日参加します (Join today)!

Want to give a gift to someone for the holidays, but you’re on a tight budget? How about wanting an afterschool hobby? Join Mrs. Fillio’s Crochet Club! No experience needed and you can come in whenever there is a meeting, in other words you don’t need to sign up with an application!

Like fields and hockey? You probably have no interest in fields.. Anyways Mrs. Hyman’s Field Hockey club is open for registration! Field Hockey is all about teamwork, skill, and fields (and hockey)! Forms can be found on the table outside of the cafeteria.

Ladies, and…ladies. The Girls on the Run Club, run by Mrs. Heller and Mrs. Robinson is open and you’re welcome to join! Don’t let the name fool you, GOTR is more than just running.

Are you a girl? Are you a girl who likes coding? Do you want to be a girl who codes? Then join Girls Who Code! The name is self explanatory but sounds fun to join. See Mrs. Castellano in the library for more details.

Books are lit, right? Books should be lit (not with fire, but figuratively and in a good way). If you love reading books and discussing them, join the LIT Book Club (LIT means literature, I was just using “lit” to add pizazz to this)! Go see Ms. Green in B26 for forms or etc.

Like typing, writing, taking photos, and interviewing? Join us! The Newspaper Club! We would love to see more people join us in making a newspapers. Like the ol’ saying goes, “the more, the merrier”. Please see Mrs. Hartman in C22 to sign up! 

Like science or you want to expand your knowledge on it? Join Mrs. Jackson’s Science Club! Whether if you want to experiment, or do science with your buddies, this club is the place to be.

Are you a gamer? Do you like gaming? Join Ms. Turney’s Video Gaming Club to play or compete in video games with those who share your interest in them!

Do you have photo editing skills, time management skills, or just being responsible? I suggest you join the Yearbook Club, led by Ms. Smith!