Should headphones be used in class?


Newspaper Girl, reporter

Should headphones be allowed in class? This topic has been debated for a while, and it seems like everyone has his or her own opinion on the subject. There are both positives and negatives to listening to music while studying or doing classwork. 

One of the negatives of listening to music while studying is that some may find it distracting. An example of this is something called ISE, which is known as “irrelevant sound effect.” This means that listening to music with lyrics may throw off a student who is trying to memorize certain things.  Another negative is that some people believe that it is unfair to kids who cannot afford headphones.

One positive of listening to music is that it may help students stay focused on their work. Some students say that when they hear a specific song it can help them remember the answer quicker. Another positive is that having headphones can keep the room quieter than without. Most students often talk with each other during class, but by letting them use headphones, the students can focus more on their work instead of chatting with others. 

The list could go on and on but it is known that there are both positives and negatives for having earbuds in class. Most of the time, these examples depend on the student and their kind of learning. Some students may work better with music, but some may work better without it. Overall, it depends on how the student learns and whether or not the teacher allows them in their class.