Anonymous Lady, reporter

Halloween! A great holiday, right? Dressing up, eating candy, decorating for the spooky season, what isn’t there to love? Apparently though, our holiday we know and love as Halloween has a spooky past.

Halloween is a holiday we celebrate on the 31st of October. Some kids trick-or-treat while others may be passing out candy or decorating the house full of spooky spiders! Though sadly, Halloween wasn’t always like this. This whole thing started with the Celtic festival. Celtics lived around 2,000 years ago. Sadly though, I couldn’t find an exact date or year for some obvious reasons. Anyways, Celts celebrated their new year on November 1st because this was considered the date when the summer harvests ended and the long, dreadful winters begun. On the night before November 1st, October 31st, they would celebrate Samhain. Celts believed October 31st is when ghosts returned to Earth, and because of this they also believed that the ghostly presence helps Druids and Celtric priests predict the future. This was important because it normally gave hope for the frightful winter. To commemorate these fortune tellings Druids typically built large bonfires where others gathered to sacrifice yearly crops and animals to Celtric deities, such as Cumulos the god of war and Taranis the god of thunder. This is what Samhain was for the Celts.

What do you and your family do together for Halloween? My family goes to the truck-or-treats that are held and my sibling’s school and the typical trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. But, not all people have the same traditions! “Well, for Halloween, my cousins and I scare children by chasing them,” says Sherlyn Zamudio, “But if they stay, we give them a reward, which is candy.” Now that’s a tradition I haven’t heard before! Scaring children is an interesting tradition but that’s a great bonding experience for her and her cousins. What are special and interesting traditions you and your family do?

Well, we learned some background behind the famous holiday and what everyday people do with their families to celebrate Halloween! What do you think, would you ever scare trick-or-treaters? What do you think of this holiday’s spooky origins?