Scary Tales – “The Missing Kids”


Landon Booher, reporter

One stormy night, a group of middle schoolers went into a forest, but not just any forest, a haunted forest. Apparently, 50 years ago, 3 kids went missing in this forest. The middle schoolers went anyway. They planned to go camping for one month. 2 weeks in, they started to hear screams, which sounded like little kids. 3 weeks something terrifying happened to them. The middle schoolers woke to the sound of stomping. Then, suddenly the trees became pikes with heads on them. The ground became blood. Suddenly, a deer that was drenched in blood, had three heads, and was 50 feet tall, came out of the forest picks up the kids. It dragged them away to it’s lair to punish the middle schoolers for coming on his land.