How Tough School Is

How Tough School Is

Newspaper Boy, reporter

Wowie! An article about school?! 

Surely enough, we’ve all had our fair share of “bad school days”, maybe because you lost a game in PE, found out you failed a test, broke your arm or leg that day, got blamed for some reason, was caught cursing, or some other reason. Well my guy/gal, this article will (try to) describe how tough school is. 

Suppose you are failing a subject, or that subject isn’t the best in terms of grades. A simple solution would be to study, or seize any extra credit opportunity given to you. Not that tough, huh? Maybe you are disorganized and left your notes at school, or forgot to give your teacher your homework that is resting in your bedroom (where we would all prefer to be right now). What if you are lazy or forgetful and you don’t do your homework from last night? Yes, it’s an “oh crud” moment that hurts your grade more, so you have to make it up, and STILL look for the homework you lost! If you have great grades, you’ll have to agree, maintaining them is like juggling chainsaws…Right?.. Oh, it’s just me…

Not tough, eh? Good time management and an organized binder you have, hm? What about if you are one of those kids who Ț̸̡͉̇̎̐A̴͎̙͊̃̊L̸̯̅͠K̸̭̜̣͋͜ ̵͓̭̊̀̎̇T̸̢̞͕̻̿͠A̸̳̫̟̾L̶̟̋̕Ḵ̴͇̠̘͌̇ ̵̣̬̘͆ͅT̷̻̰̑Ḁ̶̰̻̈̅͘̕L̵͕̇Ḱ̸̢̻͓͝ ̵̛̣͎̮͈̿́̑T̸̹̚Ä̸̫͚͕́̊̈́́L̴̖͇̗̅́̃K̷̛̖̓ non-stop, your teacher keeps telling you to stop or he/she will call your parents. You’ll say your teacher is being too tough on you but it’s YOU that’s at fault. Your teacher is just trying to get you back on task and trying to give your classmates an opportunity to learn. You’ll also need control, because, okay, you found a dead cockroach in your room and you were terrified. Okay, so what? No one wants to hear it; they want to learn. If you have a friend, or someone who cares for what you want to say, you might as well wait for lunch, PE, or some other free time. Yes, practice self-control, not talking to your BFFs, besties, squad (or whatever the heck you call your group of friends), or just keeping your yapper shut is tough.. Just think about the consequences and have the patience to wait to talk to your friends.

Still no? Wot? Okay. So you know how you received your standard issued Chromebooks at the beginning of the year? Yeah, they are new and pretty cool with the clamshell case. Doing your work, typing essays, doing activities, playing games, watching YouTu–… Hold up, you shouldn’t be doing the last two in class… And to those who do it, mind your histories… Playing games on your Chromebook is tempting, your favorite YouTuber posted a new vid, so you and your friend sit in the far back of the classroom where the screen of your Chromebook is facing AWAY from your teacher, so ya’ll can do whatever you want on the Chromebook.. You think you’re so slick… You have to tough out the temptations to play on your Chromebook so you won’t get in trouble. Wait, you don’t care if you get in trouble? Then stop reading the article! (jk pls stay ;-;)

PE, what does it stand for? Phantom Elephants? Potato Eggplant? Pig Equinox? The world may never know (I’m kidding, I know what it is). Anyway, what’s tough to you about PE? The Pacer? Push-Ups? Flag Football? The stretches? Playing against a team in a game, and it’s comprised of THOSE KIDS WHO NEVER LOSE A SINGLE GAME?! …OK, I am starting to freak out… Anywho.. If you said any of those things above are tough, I understand and (probably) share your pain. Oh, wait? You won a game? Congrats! Oh..the other team says you cheated and that they deserve to win… and insulted your mom? Dang… Toxicity is one of the main things that’s tough about P.E., and trash-talking, uncalled-for-acts. I’ll just list some other tough things of PE I.M.O.: Some of the games, Pacer (yes I put it twice), bullies, that one kid who’ll never leave you be, playing outside in poor conditions (too hot, cold, gonna rain), breaking a bone or two. I have some solutions to those problems.. Stay away from that person or tell the teacher, try to cope with it, or just straight up giving up (don’t do that, it’s a joke). One more thing, ever notice that one group of guys or girls huddled up in a corner chit-chatting the bell away? They could be talking and *WHIZZ* there goes the ball he/she could’ve (emphasis on could’ve) caught… Then the next time he/she tries to catch it and.. Fails…  Don’t get mad at them.. They’re trying… If not, the teacher can handle it. 

I asked a fellow student what was so tough about school, here’s what they said after I asked him the question. He stated, “I hate how late my bus is sometimes”. That was about it, either his bus driver got into an accident, forced to take a detour, or some miscellaneous reason. Even then, it can get kind of irritating.

I think I’m done here ř̶͙̘̖͐͒̋ą̸̧̟̭̏̋̊̈́n̵̼̣͆̊̿̈́͝t̶͉̋i̵̜͐̅͌͜n̸̢͉̟̘̣̈̽̅g̶̱͈̳̠̩͑̕ I mean talking about what’s tough about school (or at least I’ve listed some points)… Just think about the consequences and tasks at hand, so you won’t make school tougher than it already is.. The only tough part about school is the academics.. It’ll only get tougher..I don’t know.  Adios!