Cafeteria Lunches – Know Before You Go


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Colorful Lunch Break School Lunch on Green Cafeteria Tray Themes Shot Top Down Overhead View Peach Background

Just Hailey, reporter

Maybe sometimes you don’t like the cafeteria food and regret not packing your own lunch. There is an app (or website), so that you can check your school’s menu. The app (or website) is called School Cafe.

How to get there:


Step 1- Go to Larkspur Middle School Website

Step 2- Hover over the parent tab

Step 3- Click on Menu/Meals Payments

Step 5- Log in or look at the menu as a guest 

*You can’t be a guest if you don’t go through the Larkspur website*



If you have a phone, you can just go to your app store. Look for the app called School Cafe, and log in.

Other abilities

  • Make payments 
  • Check menus 
  • View purchases 
  • Set purchase restrictions


Happy eating!!!