Disney + or Netflix?


Corrine Harris, reporter

Netflix has been used in households across America since 1997. Recently, many different streaming sites have come into the picture giving Netflix some competition. Now, Netflix has been faced with its biggest competitor. Disney+ has officially been released, showcasing every single show/movie released by Disney and its subsidiaries. The difference between the two is that while Netflix offers a wide variety of documentaries, to fictional TV shows, to even animated kid shows, Disney plus only has shows and movies released by Disney, meaning most of their material is aimed towards children. The thing many of us like about Disney + though, is it is basically our childhood captured on a streaming site, since most of the students currently attending Larkspur were born in 05-08. We grew up watching shows such as The Suite Life on Deck, Kim Possible, Jessie, and Good Luck Charlie! They were something most of us watched when we were younger, and they are classics. Of course, we also did grow up with Nickelodeon. That’s when Netflix comes back into the picture. Nickelodeon and Netflix recently signed a multi-year contract to air Nickelodeon shows and movies on its site. Since Nickelodeon was also in competition with Disney, there were many classics we also grew up with like Big Time Rush, Drake and Josh,  Zoey101, and iCarly! Since Nickelodeon and Netflix have signed this contract, there will definitely be some tension between the two. I want to know Larkspur’s preference. Which one is better: Netflix or Disney +?