Black Friday Tips and How It’s Celebrated Around the World


Newspaper Girl, reporter

Most people know about Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving where items are sold for much cheaper than the regular price. Some people wait for hours outside the mall doors or stores to be the first to get these cheap products. Black Friday is “celebrated” in different ways, depending on where you are. One example is in Canada. Until recently, many Canadians would flock to the U.S on Black Friday to get all the deals. It was reported that Romania had two of the biggest Black Fridays of 2014. Two companies were responsible, eMAG and Flanco. Flanco reported getting around 22 million euros, which is around 24 million dollars. eMAG got even more sales which were around 37 million euros, which is about 41 million dollars. As fun as Black Friday is, it is important to remember a few things before going out and braving the crowds. A few things to remember include things like hiding any valuables in a trunk or hidden place so no one thinks about taking it. Another thing is to stay with someone, so you don’t get lost. Finally, keep all purses, bags, and wallets close to you, so no one tries to take it. Remember, to be safe when facing the crowds but have fun and try and get some new products before they sell out!