Welcome to our Newspaper Club!

Welcome to our Newspaper Club!

Anonymous Lady, reporter

You may think our club is boring, that we just write articles, but there’s more to it! Our club is filled with creativity, laughs, and personality! And, I mean, you got to our website, so we must’ve done something right. Now, let me give you a few reasons why our club is so awesome!

Now, writing articles isn’t all we do. If you explored the website you might’ve noticed we have our very own artists drawing comics! Emily Johnson, one of our wonderful artists, created a comic strip about us, the Larkspur Newspaper! Another one of our artists is Meh who created less of a comic strip and more of a backstory video. So, sit back and relax as you read these stories with ease! 

Another important detail I couldn’t forget is that we have articles on many interesting and opinionated topics up for debate in schools. Such as, “Should headphones be Used in Class?” by Newspaper Girl and “Vending Machine, Please!” by David Ortiz. Yet, we don’t stop there! We just don’t have entertainment and editorials, but also general news and even a sports section. We don’t only have the latest details on clubs you should or maybe already have joined for this quarter, but also interesting prices on the food sold at our school dance! 

After this article, I’m sure you can agree with me, our Newspaper Club here at Larkspur is definitely one of the most creative and personable clubs at our school. Now, don’t stop at reading my article, read other’s articles and give them positive feedback if you see them around! If they’re anonymous, share the article, or even the website with your friends.