About That Thing Called Homework…


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Homework text on notepad and colorful pencils

Landon Booher, reporter

Right now, I don’t get much homework, but I’m still going to talk about it, anyway. H-O-M-E-W-O-R-K!!!!! We all hate it, especially me. It stinks, but we all still do it, unless you don’t care about your grades. There are pros to being responsible and doing your homework. You don’t forget the stuff you learned. It gives you extra practice at home before a quiz or test. You can also study before a test. There are many resources to help you. You can review all the notes, quizzes, and previous tests on Schoology. You can also use Apps on Clever. You can review topics with BrainPop. You can even Google your topic and find many helpful sites that give you more time to practice. Need some extra help with grammar? Then again, who doesn’t? You can practice skills on IXL or noredink.com. Bored with nothing to read on a Friday night? Just search a topic you’re interested in on Achieve3000. I’m sure your teachers will appreciate the extra practice. The options are endless. You have to love having your own Chromebook at your disposal! Need extra help with your homework? The Homework Club is available EVERY SINGLE MORNING, in the cafeteria, before school. You can come and get help in every single subject, FOR FREE!!!! Running out of excuses not to do your homework? Yeah, me too!