“An Orange Flavored Murder”


Newspaper Boy, reporter

Victim: An Orange

Murderer: Unknown

Time of Death: Found dead at the scene

Evidence: A ripped orange, orange juice, a piece of orange flesh, and no weapon

Date: November 26, 2019

Murder Log: #1. I was on my way here for Newspaper, and what I found shocked me. I, along with some other colleagues, spotted a decimated orange, resting by a trash can. We wondered whose orange it was and who murdered it. Of course, oranges will be eaten, but this one had a deep gash in it and was bleeding out. Our teacher threw away the corpse, but the juices still remained on the ground. There was no weapon involved in the murder, so I suspect that the murderer used their hands, or stepped on it. I have evidence of the murder, although they are only pictures and not camera recordings. I do not have a picture of the murderer, but when I do, it will be confidential.

We have yet to find the person responsible for this. I think the murderer left Ms. Hartman’s at some point in the day and left the orange to die. The juice has gotten sticky and stuck to the floor, so the murder must have taken place hours prior to dismissal. Within the juice splatter, dirty footprints have taken place. So the murder might have been assisted or some passerby aimlessly stepped in the victim’s remains on accident. A major witness must be Ms. Hartman, since she would always be in the classroom, watching her students coming and going. Questions will be pending, for now we grieve the loss of a beloved orange (that someone should have eaten instead of murdering it).