Emily Johnson, reporter

Dungeons and Dragons, who hasn’t heard the name? It even appears in the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things and one of the main villains is even named after one of the villains in the game. Created in 1974, by Tactical Studies Rules Inc., the game has been loved for decades and people still play it today. So what’s gotten D&D so popular? Maybe it’s how the game works. Maybe it’s the plot of the game. Let’s find out, shall we?

How it works:

Dungeons & dragons is a fantasy-role-play type of game. You get to make your own character and chose its character class (occupation). There is also a Dungeon Master who is basically the ref and storyteller. The game can continue over many sessions and it’s all based off of one big grand adventure. Sounds fun, right?

The plot:

You and your fellow adventurers choose an adventure. That adventure can be a pre-made adventure or a custom-made adventure. Pre-made adventures usually consist of a background story, illustrations, maps, and goals for the character to complete. On the other hand, custom-made adventures can be whatever you want! This goes on for multiple sessions, like I stated in the previous paragraph. 

So what do you think about D&D? Personally, I’d love to play the game with my family and friends.  To all you out there who play D&D, share a fun story about a session, or tell us here at the Newspaper club something spooky that happened while you were playing. Maybe I’ll even make an article about it… 😀