Bus Safety


Anonymous Lady, reporter

Riding the bus is something most students have done. It’s a mostly quick and efficient way to get many kids to school. When riding the bus, there are multiple rules to follow to make sure you get to school safely. Before you get on the bus, you should always watch traffic. Check both ways before crossing the street. You should also wait for the bus driver to signal you to cross the street. When getting on the bus, always cross in front of the bus, so the driver can see you. When waiting for the bus, wait somewhere away from the road, like a sidewalk or bus stop. While on the bus, stay in your seat the whole trip to and from school. You should not eat or drink on the bus,  so you can avoid spills and messes. Don’t block the aisle, so other people can move through the aisle to get to their seat. Maintain an inside voice when on the bus, yelling can distract the driver. Do not get off at a stop other than your own. After leaving the bus, go straight home, don’t stop anywhere before getting home. Riding the bus is a good way to get to school, but you have to remember to stay safe.