“Please! End My Sharpening!


Newspaper Boy, reporter

Victim: A Pencil Sharpener

Murderer: N/A, it was a suicide

Time of death: Found dead at the scene

Evidence: A mound of pencil shavings found on the floor, a pencil sharpener corpse in the trash can

Date: December 10, 2019

Murder Log: #2. While walking around the Newspaper classroom, I find yet another murder victim, a pencil sharpener. This is the same location where the orange was killed. Ms. Hartman says her classroom is filled with crime like this; you can find the perfect murder scenes on the floor, in a student’s desk, and especially around a trashcan. The corpse was disposed of and will not be shown for certain reasons. I inquired about a potential motive and Ms. Hartman stated that it was a “mercy kill”. The sharpener was annoying; it was like it wanted to die. 

The murder must’ve been a suicide. All because the pencil sharpener had a factory defect. Of course, we can tell what the last meal of this pencil sharpener was because it is all over the floor. My theory suggests that the sharpener fell from such a height, it was enough force to shatter the plastic that holds the pencil shavings. I guess you can say the pencil sharpener will “rest in pieces”.