Winter Break!!!!


Newspaper Girl, reporter

Winter break is a time where students don’t have to go to school, get to stay at home, and do what they want. This winter break lasts from December 23rd to the 2nd of January. Although this winter break is going to be cold, there is no snow in the forecast as of now (things could change in the future). Even though there might not be any snow, you can still do plenty of fun things indoors instead of braving the cold. One of those things is doing crafts. One craft idea is cutting snowflakes out of paper. These snowflakes are generally easy to make, and you can do many different designs. Although there is no snow, you can still make a snowman. There are many different ways to craft snowmen. One way is by gluing cotton balls to a piece of paper and then adding buttons, glitter, paint, or any other thing to make it your own. Another thing you can do is have a movie night or binge-watch a T.V. show. Finally, you could bake or cook. You could make cookies or other desserts, and share them with your family and friends as a fun winter treat. Whatever you decide to do this winter break is up to you. You can choose to spend the whole time running around and doing things or you could stay inside, sleep late, and do what you wish. No matter what you do this winter break, have fun and be safe!