Meh, reporter


                                        -An original by Meh

                Chapter 1


It was March 24, the day that should have never happened. As I sat in a cold dark room, handcuffed. If you want to know how I got there, listen up. I was born on April 1, I don’t know when. But by roughly calculating using my age of 14 years, 9 months, 1 week, and 6 days old, my birth year must have been 2005. When I was little, I was taken excellent care of, but then, after I turned 10, I had to do my part of the house chores. Then, after 11 years of age, you get a tent or a shack if you’re lucky. But, what can you expect from the “Sweet Angels Orphanage”?  After you’re not so cute and sweet looking, you’re kicked to the curb and forced to do chores. However, my friends and I made our own house, and we chose a spot farthest from the main house. Its only downfall is the walk to go to the washroom, other than that, the supervisors hardly come all way back, so we can smuggle many things, like phones, candy, soda, and so many other things. But, then we found out that we would never leave this place, so, we ran away. We didn’t know where to go but knew we had to get somewhere, and fast! The supervisors would see that we were gone sooner or later and amber alerts would be raised. I could almost hear the sirens pounding in my head as we ran as far from our wretched old home as possible. After what felt like years, we stumbled across a strange man on an old back road. One that hadn’t been used in ages. 


“Hello,” Said the strange man,“I know who all of you are and what your doing….”


Stay tuned for the next part of Secrecy.