Proper Chromebook Usage


Newspaper Boy, reporter

“Holy moly! I wonder why this exists?!” – Anonymous 

Welp, what have we done to get here? Come on people, fess up. Anyways, some people use their chromebooks and find its usefulness, simplicity, and utility nice to have. I’m not saying EVERYONE likes their chromebook, but hey, I’m just trying to get a point straight.

Here at Larkspur, teachers tell us to “be kind” to our chromebooks. What does that mean to you? Like.. Take it out for a steak dinner or buy it flowers? Obviously not. What it means is to treat your chromebook like you would to a super duper expensive laptop that runs on 220 million pixels. Make sure it doesn’t get dirty, don’t have food or drinks around it, try not to damage it in anyway, and handle it properly. Which means to handle it like you’re holding a child.. Don’t hold it by the head!

Do any of you guys play video games? I know I do. However, at least I don’t do it in class, unlike most of you *COUGH COUGH*. The reason why the school issued us chromebooks is because they trust us to do our work on them, and nothing else. Other than playing video games, some people watch YouTube or something else.. Probably something inappropriate. Some people physically abuse their chromebook by slamming their keyboard, like this: iubpr g5io 91-it 89u-yo625uuuuuuuuuuuuu 8938h9g p01’x=3z it05289 3uqlh8egsoruihq34pou9 87yt4867hjbniousbgtrmop’?. Isn’t that an accurate representation of smashing a keyboard?

Be kind to your chromebook, or it won’t be kind to you!