Should Students be Allowed to Read on their Phones in Class?


Newspaper Girl, reporter

Many students want to be able to have their phones out in class, but it’s a rule that students have to keep their phones in their lockers. Although phones can be a distraction, they can also be useful during class. On most phones, students can get a wide variety of books. With monitoring, students could be able to read on their phones during class time, but like everything else, there are some pros and cons to letting kids use their phones in class. One of the pros includes the fact that students get to use their phones for educational purposes. Some cons include things like how students might use their phones for other things than just reading. Another con is that one student’s phone might distract other students in the class. Finally, notifications and calls might make the student get distracted and they may do that instead of reading. To limit something like this from happening, teachers would need to monitor their students while they are on their phones. Letting students read on their phones has its pros and cons, so no one can say that it 100% would work, so until then, we all have to stick to the rule of no phones in school.