Sleep: The Bizz on the “Zzzz”


Newspaper Boy, reporter

Hey there, fellow homosapien. We all like sleeping, right? I know I do. Anyways, today’s topic is about sleep and how much we get of it.

On average, a 12-13 year old needs at least 11 hours of sleep, but how much do we usually get? If you were to sleep at 9:00pm and wake up at 7:45am, you would’ve received 10 hours and 45 minutes. Which is a little bit under par but works out. I sleep at around 10:00 and wake up at 7:45, so I get 9 hours and 45 minutes of sleep. I understand that some of us stay up and play our Fortnites and Pokemans and wake up real early. However, in my opinion, that is super unhealthy. I know some of you guys are thinking “I nEvER AsKEd FoR YoUr OpiNIon! WAAAAAA,” however I never asked yours either, and this is an article, so I cannot hear your nags. 

I know some of you won’t agree with me either. However, we, including myself, don’t seem to understand the importance of sleep and how more of it can benefit our health in many ways. If you were to extend your sleeping time (if you get 5< hours of sleep or something like that) I bet you would feel more energized and ready to start your day without having to consume all of the caffeine in your household, maybe just a cup of coffee and that’s all. Other benefits include not getting sick as often, reducing stress and improving your mood, being able to think more clearly and do better in school (but won’t automatically guarantee an A), and etc.

This was short, but I’m gonna end it here. See y’all in another article soon!