Should the Times Have Been Changed?


Newspaper Girl, reporter

Recently it has been decided that Virginia Beach City Public Schools will not change the school times at all. Many people are in disagreement on whether or not the times should change. Many people say that the times should change because if teens go into school too early, it can cause sleep deprivation, which causes kids to not do as well in school as they should. Many scientists agree that teens should get around 8 and a half to 9 and a half hours of sleep a night, at least, and if school starts too early, it could cause teens to not get as much sleep as they need. Other people disagree and say that the early start times are better than starting later. First of all, some people say that even though school may be starting later, that does not mean teens will sleep longer. You can’t force teens to sleep at certain times, so some may take advantage of the late start and not sleep for as long as they should. Secondly, some high school students would not be able to participate in after school activities like clubs and sports because they would get out too late. Other students might not be able to get a job after school if they get out too late. Finally, some high school students pick up or watch their siblings after school. If the high schoolers got out after the elementary or middle school students then their parents would have to find some place for their younger siblings to stay until they could get home. As of now, the schedules have stayed the same, and the majority vote decided against changing it. Who knows, maybe later on, Virginia Beach will decide to change the times, but until then we are sticking with the same schedule.