Secrecy – Chapter 2


Meh, reporter

We all looked at the strange man. 

“Who are you?” Dragon asked.

Now that I could see more clearly, he wore a dingy cyan blue button up shirt with a linty, dull red scarf. He had dark brown pants and dark shoes. His graying hair and stubble was silver in the moonlight. 

“I am a friend,” he claimed, “And you may call me Salty. I know you are looking for a new place to live, and I have and answer for that.

“Is he trustworthy?” Pearl muttered.

“We are in dire need of a place,” Ly said.

“And a shady man would cover or shelter our trail until police think we’re a lost cause,” Mimi added.

“So we’re decided,” Dragon murmured.

I looked Salty straight in the eye, “We will accept your offer, Salty.”

“Good, there is a hotel just down this path, go through the back entrance and tell the man there Salty sent you,” Salty told us, then walked to the trees.

      When we reached the hotel, I saw a serious looking man sitting just out of view from the main entrance. He saw us and walked over.

“Salty sent us,” I whispered.

The man’s eye brows eminently flew up and he opened the door to let us in. There was a woman dark red hair, and a black dress and white mini apron.

“Hello, you must be the kids Salty sent! My name is Smilie,” Smilie said.

Smilie led us down a hallway filled with many doors and stopped at one labeled ‘Suite 59’ and opened it with a keycard. When she opened the door there were five beds, all neatly made, with a huge full bath room and amazing living space.

“This is your room,” Smilie said, “this is where you can stay but, you will have to do simple jobs to prove your worth.”

“Don’t we have to pay taxes and stuff?” Pearl questioned.

“Money will come from your tips, so don’t be prickly,” Smilie said as I felt my friends eye me warily.

“Good night, children,” Smilie kindly told us, “Oh and there are things in the fridge if you’re hungry, bye.” 

We ate some of the snacks from the fridge and got ready for bed. It took us forever to try and figure out what in the world was happening. We got nowhere.

“Well, we best get to bed,” Mimi stated.

“Yeah, and also, Phoenix, tomorrow I hope to get some money, so maybe just don’t talk tomorrow,” Pearl teased.

I just stared at her with amusement as I crawled into bed. Today was crazy, first we ran away from the orphanage then, we met Salty, And now we’re in some sort of luxury hotel…All my thoughts started to disintegrate as I slipped into a dark, peaceful sleep.