The Dangers of Vaping


Newspaper Girl, reporter

In Grosse Pointe, Michigan, a 17-year-old boy by the name of Daniel Ament underwent a double lung transplant. The reason he had to undergo surgery? Vaping. Vaping has injured over 2,700 people and killed around 60. Ament was one of many teens who began vaping. Originally Ament did not vape, he played sports and would sail a lot, but when he got injured and couldn’t play sports, he began vaping with friends. Eventually vaping became a regular everyday thing. One day he woke up having difficulty breathing. When he went to the doctor they thought it was pneumonia, but eventually he was admitted into the hospital where they found that the only way for him to survive was with a double lung transplant. His lungs were some of the worst doctors had seen, they were scarred and wouldn’t deflate. He spent over a month in the hospital and didn’t remember much from before. After he was healed and he was out of the hospital, he went back to his school and talked about the risks of vaping. He also founded a non-profit website to help spread his story to more teens who vape. Vaping can be incredibly dangerous and it’s good to spread knowledge about how it can affect you.