Secrecy – Chapter 3

Secrecy - Chapter 3

Meh, reporter

 I woke up to what I thought was a ray of sunshine, it started to flash. I opened my eyes to see Mimi and Ly turning flash lights on and off in my face. Meanwhile, both Pearl and Dragon were violently shaking me.

“ What’s the big idea?” I grumbled crossly to them.

“You were sleeping too long; it’s already 6 A.M.,” Pearl said with a trace of humor in her eyes.

6 A.M.! That’s the time we wake up for school, but we don’t have school anymore. I got up and looked through the fridge. I pull out a few apples, but hid them from view.

“Think fast!” I exclaimed. I threw the apples at each of them. Dragon snatched the apple out of the air, while Pearl stepped sideways, as her apple hit the floor with a thump. Ly missed the apple, it continued until it hit Mimi in the arm. The last apple hit Ly’s head. 

“Ow!” Ly Said.

“Now there’s your breakfast,” I managed to say, then burst into laughter.

We all ate the apples and got dressed in the same type of uniform Smilie was wearing. We walked out of Suite 59 and into the main office. Smilie was waiting for us there. 

“Hi, girls! This is the Maple Hotel. There are a few jobs you can have here. There are five of you, so two can manage the front desk, and the rest are to provide room services, such as cleaning, ordering, and cooking. It will take time to know what you like to do best, or you can each switch out, so get to work!” Smilie explained with a smile. “Oh, also, if the people have green cards with a maple leaf emblem, it means they will go down the hall they came out of.”

When she was gone, we shortly discussed what we were going to do. Mimi went to bake and cook, Dragon cleaned, Ly took orders, while Pearl and I had to run the front desk. It was a long day, but very close to when our shift ended, a man, and a very well-known man, came up. I looked up to take his card, saw the name, and my heart started to race. The card said ‘Zian Nox’, he was well known for committing many crimes, murder being one of them. Yet, it still was green with a maple leaf on it. I gave him his suite key and surprisingly he thanked me.

When Pearl and I got back to our suite, we must have looked frightened because Mimi, Dragon, and Ly looked at us with a very concerned expression on her face. After we explained what had just happened, Dragon spoke up.

“I saw a room that belonged to Storm Wood. He told me not to touch a tall dark case in his room, but I’m willing to be there were a few guns and pistols in there,” she said.

“So, now what? We now have a few options on hand,” Ly said logistically. “Either we stay here, harbor more criminals, and hope for the best… or we could go back to the orphanage..”

“And rot away there,” I said dryly.

“…OR we can go on the run again,” Ly finished.

We decided to stay there because we didn’t know what else to do. Even though our decision was made, I knew we all thought about it even more on our own as we fell asleep.